La Plant Studio



I am long time standing music producer and mixing engineer from Belgrade.

It is my mission to bring out the best in your music while helping you improve the quality of your work in the long run. Many of my clients see me as an invisible team member.

If you wish, I will gladly give feedback on your music during the production/mixing stage. I’m happy to share my understanding and thoughts. If there’s anything you’re wondering about or struggling with, as a client you are my priority. By communicating and working together we can get to best possible results.

I enjoy working with all musical genres. Many of my clients make electronic music but I also regularly work with other genres such as hip- hop, pop, rock and acoustic – to mention a few.

So, you’re probably wondering: “Why should I work with this guy?”, and that’s an absolutely legitimate question. The one thing I can say is – try me out! FOR FREE!
I’d be happy to do a test mix and/or master of one of your songs.

And I can also promise you one thing – I won’t leave you unsatisfied! No way! I understand how important your music is to you and it’s my job to make it sounding the best as it can be. No matter how much time it takes me!

If you’re looking for an affordable and hassle free mixing and mastering service, you are at the right spot! Please don’t hesitate to reach out!