La Plant Studio

I’m Goran, a mixing and mastering engineer, but also an electronic music producer, coming from Belgrade, Serbia.

I’ve been making music for two decades now and have been releasing it on various labels such are Ninja Tune, Soundway records, Malka Tuti, Crimes of the Future, WT recordings and many others.

I’ve been also working closely with companies such as Ableton, Native Instruments, Bitwig, Splice, Sample Magic and Big Fish Audio, making exclusive content for all of them.

In my studio I’m using Ableton Live, Studio One and Pro Tools, so exchanging whole projects is pretty easy and straightforward.

My current music project is called TAPAN. Feel free to check it out at JUNO RECORDS.

If you’re looking for a friendly and affordable mixing and mastering engineer, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to help!

"Goran is one of my favorite producers. His knowledge, ears and sensibility result in work that shines with detail, warmth and character. Highly recommended!"
“After 4 years and 3 bad mix engineers, i finally met Goran. He pays attention to detail and works effortlessly. Now that song is my most streamed song on Spotify.”
"Both Goran and his band Tapan are enjoying cult following in the Balkan region. It was a great privilege to work with him.

As a musician and Goran’s fan, I could only recommend him as a fantastic mixing and mastering engineer and dedicated professional."
"True expert, real music lover, wonderful man. Three things that come to my mind whenever I think of my dear friend Goran Simonoski. Fresh stuff, always with a twist, always in good taste!

During the day, this guy is a super dad of two healthy kids, but at night, by my humble opinion, he is definitely the most prolific music producer in Belgrade."
"Great working with Goran. He's a talented mix engineer whose friendly and easy to work with as well. Highly recommend him!"
"It was a wonderful opportunity for me to work with Goran, his skillfully designed studio brought refined sound to my already complex and detailed ambients.

I loved the mastering approach, in which articulation, precision and transparency of the sound came as a priority, it takes a lot of experience and attentive listening to really understand and know how to deal with interdisciplinary sound.

On the other hand, working with Goran, who is an important representative of Belgrade's electronic scene was a great honor. His work and creativity influenced many generations of younger artists, including me. I am deeply satisfied and very grateful for this collaboration!"
"I found La Plant Studio through Instagram and after a few messages with Goran I decided to give them a try. I was a little nervous about using a service in another country but all my worries were put to rest. Needless to say they will be my only Mixing and Mastering engineers from now! They were helpful, understanding, and most importantly patient!
I was able to make SEVERAL revisions and we were in constant communication throughout the entire process to get the exact sound I was looking for.
This was nowhere near a one-size fits all set of filters put over my track, this is something uniquely my own now and the sound quality is beyond anything I could have managed on my own equipment! If you're unsure, they provided me a free "quote" master and I guarantee you will hear the difference! Working with La Plant Studios felt more like a collaboration than just a service transaction. We were able to work together to make some major changes to my song that took it from ready to stream to radio ready!"